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Prolific Landscape, Inc. started in 2003 by Jason and Julie Kaniper insisting on excellence in landscape and hardscape design, materials and craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on the different experience you will enjoy with Prolific. Starting with the initial phone call or visit, through the design and estimate process, and finishing with knowledgeable and friendly crews to complete your outdoor projects.

our philosophy

Welcome to Prolific Landscape! Here, your dreams lead the way. Our focus is you: your needs, your vision, the heart of every project. We understand that crafting stunning landscapes begins with understanding you. Fill out the "Design Form" on our site to start. Insights into your preferences and project details await.

Let's dive deeper. A Discovery Call awaits after the form. We'll chat about your needs, wants, and dreams for your outdoor haven. This step ensures we grasp your desires, ready to make them reality.

Comprehensive understanding in hand, we forge ahead. A Design Consultation at your home is next. Our skilled team assesses your landscape, notes the surroundings, and gathers key details. This guides us to a tailored design plan, infused with your dreams.

Every step is about you. Expectations? We're here to surpass them. Your dreams deserve no less. At our design studio, we unveil the design, walking you through your project. A preview of the magic that'll transform your landscape.

Embrace our invitation: we would like to invite you to our design studio. Can't wait to meet you!

our team

Jason & Julie Kaniper


Meet Jason and Julie, the dynamic husband and wife duo behind an exceptional landscape design and build company. With their unwavering passion for outdoor living, they turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary havens. Their creative touch breathes life into every project, effortlessly merging nature's beauty with functional design. Jason and Julie's unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that each client's vision becomes a reality, leaving a lasting impression that transforms ordinary homes into breathtaking retreats.

Justin Tyler

Registered Landscape Architect

Meet Justin, the visionary Landscape Architect driving transformation at Prolific Landscape in Nazareth, PA. With an unwavering passion for nature's beauty and an artist's eye for detail, Justin's creations elevate ordinary spaces into extraordinary landscapes. His profound understanding of ecological balance and sustainability ensures that each project harmonizes with the environment, leaving a legacy of natural splendor for generations to come. Through meticulous planning and innovative design, Justin's work enriches lives, redefining the way we experience outdoor spaces.

Introducing Pat, the exceptional Operations Manager who stands at the forefront of success. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a laser-focused approach, Pat orchestrates projects with unparalleled efficiency and precision. His strategic planning and innate leadership skills guide teams towards triumphant achievements, delivering on time and within budget. Adept at navigating complexities, Pat thrives under pressure, turning challenges into opportunities for growth. Whether it's overseeing large-scale ventures or fine-tuning intricate details, Pat's meticulous dedication ensures seamless execution at every step. 

Patrick Crivellaro

Operations Manager 


Do you want to look forward to going to work everyday? Is working outdoors creating and building exquisite patios, pools, and landscapes of interest to you? Being able to build a career working for one of the leaders in the industry, in a family, friendly environment with unlimited potential? Our landscapes are always growing, so is our business! We are looking for career minded individuals to become part of our team and grow with Prolific!

Prolific Landscape, Inc. is a residential based landscape design build firm specializing in exquisite landscapes, outdoor rooms, kitchens, patios, pools, waterfalls, and more. Prolific is dedicated to excellence, unsurpassed quality construction, and exceeding client expectations through to completion.

Sales Associate

Join Prolific Landscape as a Sales Associate in Nazareth, PA. Utilize your exceptional communication and persuasive skills to generate leads, build client relationships, and drive sales for our landscape design build services. Be part of a dynamic team and contribute to our company's growth.

Landscape Designer

Be part of Prolific Landscape in Nazareth, PA, as a Landscape Designer. Create stunning outdoor spaces through innovative designs, selecting plants, and coordinating installations. Collaborate with clients, architects, and contractors to bring visions to life. Join us and leave a lasting impact on the natural environment.

Office Manager

Prolific Landscape in Nazareth, PA, seeks an Office Manager. Take charge of administrative tasks, oversee daily operations, manage schedules, and provide exceptional customer service. Utilize your organizational and leadership skills to ensure smooth functioning of our landscape design build company.

Team Leader & Member

Lead our dedicated team at Prolific Landscape in Nazareth, PA. Inspire and motivate crew members to deliver top-quality landscape design build projects. Coordinate resources, manage schedules, and ensure safety standards are met. Join us as we create exceptional outdoor spaces for our clients.

Class A Truck Driver

Join Prolific Landscape in Nazareth, PA, as a Class "A" Truck Driver. Safely transport equipment, materials, and supplies to job sites, while maintaining compliance with transportation regulations. Contribute to the success of our landscape design build projects by delivering resources efficiently and reliably.

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